Home & Design | January 4, 2017 9:00 am

Got a Vehicle? With Wheels? It Can Tow This Trailer.

Hell, the 10-speed you rode in junior high probably has a shot

The universe might be expanding, but the means we have of exploring it continue to shrink.

For confirmation of this, we present a line of camping trailers that are so lightweight they can be towed behind a car, bike, motorcycle or possibly even a motorized skateboard.  

Designed by Denmark-based Wide Path Camper, the 440-pound Homie is a foldable trailer that can unfurl in three minutes to reveal a dining table, seating area, storage space and a bed. A slightly larger version of WPC’s previous bike-towable model, the insulated Homie features plastic, aluminum and wood construction and can be fitted with an off-the-grid solar package.

The trailers can also handle additions like tinted windows, an ethanol stove and a tent cover with chairs for sitting outdoors, and WPC is willing to customize them even further.

“Since the great interest on our bicycle camper prototype, it was decided to continue the work on making the camper module ready for sale,” according to WPC. “The design has developed from a simple sandwich solution with a tent, to the hardshell lightweight camper it is today.”

The base model Homie starts at $7,245 (including shipping to the nearest U.S. port) and WPC says customers who are interested in one of the bike models should contact them for a quote.

The best part about ordering one? Not having to clear out any room in your garage (or closet).