Home & Design | January 20, 2023 12:16 pm

16 of Our Favorite Home Design Picks for Under $500

A range options to spruce up your pad, all under $500

Three home design decor items on a green and yellow background
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You can accumulate a lot of junk over the course of the year. From clothes to throw pillows to vacation mugs that your family brought back from a trip. While all of these things can have sentimental value, there is something to be said about taking a step back and reconsidering how your home is decorated. You’d be forgiven if things are starting to look a little stale. With spring on the horizon, it’s time to consider a refresh.

For the months ahead, we’re all about warmer colors, bolder statement pieces and some new installations that could take things to the next level. Also, we kept things reasonable — all the option below are $500 or below. So whether you need to upgrade the bathroom, bedroom or living room we’ve got you covered.

Living room design

Bridging the gap between “modern” and “industrial” in a darker color. The polished marble and the matte black iron frame have a subtle shape and a unique design.

A clean floating shelf for accents or to show off collectibles. It comes in a lighter maple or walnut shade, so it can fit a variety of living room color schemes.

A versatile stool, ideal as a side table or simple foot rest (just take off your sneakers first). It’s constructed of upcycled wood, and it comes pre-assembled.

A statement piece and an instant upgrade from your dull side table. The asymmetrical base design and pleated lamp shade make this a total eye-catcher.

Dining room design

A classy way to display that spirits collection. If you don’t have space for this four-door option you can select a smaller accent cabinet at an even lower price.

Everyone hates the boob lamp. Consider upgrading your dining room with something a bit more elegant.

You lose the boring mirror look and go with something in a non-traditional shape. We recommend placing it above your new drinks cabinet.

Bedroom design

Simple, elegant, functional. What could be better?

The sheer amount of new bedding brands out there is, frankly, insane. But we ride hard for Quince, who we think strike a nice balance between luxurious comfort and affordability.

A simple addition that’ll provide additional lighting settings.

Bathroom design

For when you don’t want to do a complete overhaul, changing out fixtures is a great way to make a real impact.

Another sweet lighting fixture – this time, best suited to ramp up a vanity.

Mirrored glass with plenty of storage in the back is exactly what you’ll need from the oft-under-appreciated medicine cabinet.

Whatever you do, never go cheap on towels. This is a quick-drying set made from 100% organic cotton. Its beautiful soft textured hand-feel is immediately noticeable after using lackluster towels.

Other home design picks

Please avoid dragging dirt into your home. This Japanese-inspired indoor floor mat made from recycled materials makes your home feel and look a whole lot cleaner.

Whether it’s folded up on the top of your couch or you’re cuddled up beneath it on the first spring night that’s almost warm enough to be sitting outside, it’ll serve you well and look great while doing it.