Home & Design | March 3, 2017 9:00 am

A 3D-Printed Home That Takes 24 Hours and 10K to Build? Go On …

Or did you actually *want* to keep paying your mortgage?

The right architect can work wonders with any material, even a former cement factory. But a company is encouraging you to build a new home from cement, and their argument is compelling: a 24-hour build time and $10,000 price tag.

Thanks to their one-of-a-kind, giant, mobile 3D printer, Apis Cor spit out an entire home on-site in one day. For the “ink,” an automatic mix and supply unit provided the printer with a concrete mixture. The 410-square-foot structure includes a hall, bathroom, kitchen and living room/bedroom.

Apis Cor 1 (6 images)

After printing, the machine was trucked away in order to insulate, paint, install a roof, put in floors, etc. All-in-all, the total construction cost only $10,134.

Following this successful winter test in Russia, Apis Cor (also based in the U.S.) wants to bring their 3D printing technology to the rest of the world. According to their website, they also have “Mars colonization” in their long-term plans.

“When there won’t be enough space on Earth for humanity to live, we are ready to be first to start building on Mars,” reads their “Who we are” webpage.

So 3D printing, tiny homes and Mars? Are we sure they’re not just trying to bump up their SEO?