Health & Fitness | May 21, 2021 10:33 am

Deal: Grab 30% Off Lululemon’s Lined Surge Shorts

If you’re not running in shorts with a liner, it’s time to start

A man wearing Lululemon's Lined Surge Shorts
We found your new favorite pair of running shorts, and they're on sale.

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My mind can wander in the strangest directions when I’m running and not listening to music (which is why I try to always have my earbuds charged), but often I go back to one topic: wondering how I ever ran in unlined shorts. 

You see, when I’m not running in compression shorts or tights, I’m wearing shorts with a liner, like the Surge Short 6” from Lululemon that’s currently on sale for almost 30% off. No matter how far I end up going, especially as the days get nicer and I’m prone to extend my route, these designs offer superior support and comfort.

Plus, if you’ve never bought a pair of Lululemon shorts before, there are all the extras that you may have never thought of before. There’s the small zip pocket for a couple keys, the stash pocket in the liner for your phone, a waistband loop to hold your shirt when you decide to whip it off, and the reflective detailing which will help you stand out when it gets dark (though if you’re running at night, you’ll need admittedly need a little more help). And there’s their fabric mastery, which makes these able to withstand a couple runs before washing.