Health & Fitness | November 9, 2017 9:00 am

Dr. Oz Has a 5-Step Plan for Your Balls

Plus: Four more ways to take care of yourself this Movember

Movember — the movement that raises awareness for men’s health via competitive facial-hair growth — is upon us.

What began as 30 Aussies with an idea and zero dollars has blown into a worldwide affair with more than 5,000,000 participants and $710+ million raised since 2003.

But men cannot survive by mustache alone.

Which is why we sought the counsel of everyone’s favorite daytime physician, Dr. Oz, for a humorous, hands-on guide to examining your balls.

And below: four more ways to get involved, from where to donate to tips on scheduling that exam.

Here’s to your health.

Educate yourself
The Movember project is about shining light on prostate and testicular cancer, but it also extends to address men’s general well-being, including depression and suicide prevention. Make time and talk to your doctor about your risk factors, physical or otherwise. And be sure to familiarize yourself with some basic stats about the diseases that afflict men most.

Host an event
It’s easier than it sounds. Just take something you enjoy doing regularly and do it for a good cause. It can be golf, karaoke, dinner or drinks. The idea is to start the conversation and raise awareness, but hey, who knows — maybe some funds will come of it. And if hosting isn’t your thing, find an event near you here.

Consider donating
In its short time of existence, Movember has already been recognized as 55th in the top 500 NGOs worldwide. Since their inception, they’ve successfully funded over 1,200 health projects. Check here for ways for you and your company to donate.

Schedule THAT exam
If cancer is detected early, a fella has a 98% of survival beyond five years. So bite the bullet. Call your doc and schedule that PSA test. The best time is right now.