Gear | March 28, 2019 9:00 am

This Iconic Lamp Once Survived a Bombing, and is Now $200 Off

It's got character

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This Anglepoise Original 1227 Wall Lamp  is currently $200 off (you have to put it in your cart first) on Anthropologie and filled with a plethora of historical and cultural fun facts to inject whenever your dinner party becomes painfully dull.

Created in 1932 by British car designer George Carwardine, the Anglepoise Lamp was made for working environments, like workshops and exam rooms for doctors and dentists. But starting in 1935, the 1227 Anglepoise Lamp was primarily manufactured for the home, and it turned out to be very popular. Then during WWII, the Anglepoise was produced for bombers, and described as the “ideal blackout lamp.”

According to the Anglepoise website, the lamps are so well made that when a crashed Vickers Wellington bomber was salvaged from Loch Ness in Scotland in 1985, the lamp still worked after being given a new battery — despite being submerged for around four decades.

The wall lamp sold by Anthropologie may not have personally survived a bombing, but it still has some cool features. It includes a bulb, aluminum frame, cast iron base, and brass springs for optimal “I need more light over in this corner of the room, oh wait no, that corner.” Energy efficient and versatile, you don’t have to worry about making room on your desk, just stick it onto any bare wall in a particularly dark place of your choice.

Also, it’s the Pixar lamp, which is just adorable.

Buy It Here: $380.00 $180