Gear | October 19, 2016 9:00 am

The Most Stylish Home Gym Money Can Buy

Fitness equipment so pretty it belongs in a museum

Meetings. Hurry-up-and-wait projects. Kids who have to go to school and practice and a litany of other functions that take precedence over yours because you’re a good father. Home and office life can weigh down on a man’s efforts to get to the gym.

Solution? Make the gym come to you, by building one in your basement.

But since this is your home we’re talking about — and not some monochrome, cookie-cutter den of  sweat and sanitary wipes — we recommend aiming a little high-minded with your fitness accoutrements.

Luckily, there are a growing number of companies that focus on workout equipment that is every bit as handsome as it is functional.

Here are some of our favorite museum-quality pieces.

The gentlemanly boxing setup
Boxing will tone your arms while working on your balance and core. It’s also a helluva stress reliever. Go vintage, though, with this killer speed bag and a pair of gloves that look great hanging on a wall mount. They’ll also let your daughter’s boyfriends know that you mean bidness.

Magical wheel-ism
You only need 10-20 minutes to get a good cardio workout. Rather than braving the wilds, hop on the Cicolette, a big wheel-inspired bike so attractive it’s on display at the Italian Design Museum. The gel seat is comfy, and there’s a place to put your tablet so you can read while peddling.

Just what the doctor ordered 
Medicine balls are great for compound movements — i.e., those that require squatting and rising over and over. Leather Head makes them like they used to, with handsome weathered leather and contrasting laces.

Kettlebell or centerpiece?
A kettlebell’s funky shape is why it’s a great workout: the unwieldy quality requires you to use your core to balance while lifting them. Team Do W custom-makes its marble kettlebells so in your preferred weight — not that you need to use it. Set it on the mantle and your guests will mistake it for a Roman artifact.

Have a toss
If you work on a campus, hit the grounds with this leather football by Shinola. Put it on your desk when it’s not in use. Compliments will ensue.

Tread dapperly
Treadmills are typically a sight for sore eyes (and thighs). But the TechnoGym treadmill sports a polished, chromed-out look. It’s also a great coach: connected to the proprietary interval app and it’ll walk you through 90 seconds at walking speed followed by 30 seconds of a dead-on-sprint.

Rowing is cardio meets compound movements, and will get the ticker going while also strengthening your back. Water Rower makes their rowing machines in walnut and pine combined with a waterflywheel that’s quite pleasing on the eyes. It’s also easy as pie to store. Just tilt it upright and wheel to a wall.

Smart bells
There’s a reason dumbells have been the gold standard in weighlifting since Ancient Greek tiems: they  get you toned, and fast. HOCK’s Diskus Series weds gleaming stainless steel weights with walnut handles and a walnut racking tower. It’s a good look.  

Now get moving, fella.