Gear | June 17, 2020 10:13 am

10 Subscription Boxes That Will Save Father's Day

You didn't buy him a gift, did you? It's fine. We got you.

10 Subscription Boxes That Will Save Father's Day

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So, you screwed up. You told yourself that this year you wouldn’t procrastinate when it came to picking up a Father’s Day gift, only to find the holiday four days away with nothing to show for it. We’re not here to shame you, because we’ve all been there, and things are a little different this year. But before you resort to the ever impersonal gift card, there are other, better last-minute gifts: subscription boxes.

While the subscription box might not arrive in time for Father’s Day, the promise of what’s to come is more than enough. Each month (or at the very least a few months throughout the year, depending on the subscription) dad will receive a box filled with new products, meaning it’ll be like Father’s Day all year long. Who knows, maybe by the time a new month rolls around he’ll have forgotten about the subscription and it’ll be a surprise all over again when it arrives on his doorstep. And if you have only the vaguest idea of where his interests lie, whether it’s beer or hiking, there is a range of boxes that cater to a range of interests. Plus, there’s the added benefit of gifting multiple products, increasing your chances of pleasing the old guy.

Below are ten different subscription boxes for ten different dads, all bound to make a dad’s day (and year).

For the dad who’s a beer snob: Beer Month Club

What dad doesn’t love a beer? But for those that consider their palate a little more refined when it comes to the alcoholic beverage, the Beer Month Club is ideal for further broadening their beery horizons. Available to choose from are five different memberships, including a U.S. Microbrewed Club and a Rare Beer Club, with monthly, every other month or quarterly shipments available. Cheers.

For the outdoorsy dad: Cairn

Whether the dad you’re shopping for enjoys a hike or prefers hitting the slopes, each Cairn box comes with curated and expert-tested outdoor products that will appeal to anyone who would much rather be outside. The monthly box can include anything from proper apparel and gear (depending on the activity) to snacks and first-aid supplies, so next time he’s exploring the great outdoors, you’ll have peace of mind that he’s doing it safely and properly.

For the dad with a green thumb: The Sill

Yes, you can now get plants delivered directly to your door and yes, they can arrive already potted in extremely chic and cool planters like the ones from The Sill. Plants aren’t the most traditional dad gifts but their unexpectedness is what makes them great. Sure, you could opt for the predictable grilling tools or you could give him the gift of a new living thing each month, and thus a brighter, more cheerful home. Now he’ll be a plant daddy, too.

For the dad without a skincare routine: Birchbox

When left to their own devices, god knows what products dads are slapping on their skin and calling it a ‘routine.’ Do him a favor and save his skin this Father’s Day with Birchbox’s monthly grooming plan. Every month he’ll receive five grooming sample products, including everything from beard products to eye creams, and from brands like Kiehl’s and Davines. By the end of the year he’ll have glowing skin and luscious locks.

For the dad who doesn’t like shopping for himself: Related Garments

Okay, if you’re shopping for your father underwear might seem like an odd choice for a gift, but there’s no denying that every guy could use them, especially a monthly pair (and that way you can sure he’s staying fresh and practicing good hygiene). But if you feel weird about being keen to your dad’s undergarments, you can just go ahead and gift him their sock membership instead.

For the dad who likes to snack: Mantry

Grocery shopping tends to suck but Mantry eliminates the need to leave one’s house to get food (or at the very least snacks) with their wooden crates, each packed with six-full size artisan foods and food related things delivered every two months. Each crate has a theme, with past ones including ‘Bacon Brunch,’ ‘Biergarten’ and ‘Pizza Party.’ You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

For the dad never seen without a watch: Watch Gang

Instead of gifting one measly watch why not give the gift of 12 watches over the course of a year? With Watch Gang a new watch will be delivered every month, and on top of that members will have the chance to win a Rolex, TAG Heuer or Seiko. So technically you could be giving your dad a Rolex, which means you pretty much won Father’s Day.

For the dad who can’t pick a cologne: Scentbird

In addition to cologne being expensive, it’s a notoriously tricky gift to give — unless you know exactly what the person on the receiving end likes, you’re always going to run the risk of them not loving it. Scentbird takes away any of that uncertainty with their monthly supply of designer fragrances, allowing you to choose a new one each month. The first month’s subscription will arrive in a sleek, silver canister (that’s TSA friendly) and makes it easy to switch out each 8mL bottle of fragrance, depending what your preference is on any given day.

For the dad who still wears ties: Tie Bar

If his collection of ties is starting to look a little dull or dated, a subscription from Tie Bar will ensure that he’s always sporting the latest in ties (or bowties, depending on his preference) with their yearly subscription, three new ties arriving every three months with the options for ties including skinny ties, neck ties and extra long ties. He and his ties will be the talk of the office.

For the dad who can’t live without coffee: Blue Bottle Coffee

It’s a universal fact that all dads drink coffee, so naturally all dad’s are going to be thrilled to receive coffee comes Father’s Day. And if you’re going to give the gift of caffeine, be sure to gift him the good shit, like Blue Bottle Coffee’s beans. The coffee is available in a range of blends depending on whether he’s a light roast or dark roast kinda guy, and they even have espresso and decaf options. So go ahead, fuel his addiction.