Gear | November 3, 2017 9:00 am

Sony’s AI Dog Won’t Pee on Your Floor, Hopefully

It can learn new tricks. From the Cloud.

When it comes to our pets, sometimes dead is better.

Apparently Sony did not feel this was one of those times as the Japanese electronics giant has brought its AI-enabled robotic dog back from the dead after more than a decade on the shelf.

Equipped with an array of sensors and a pair of OLED eyes that process images as well as convey emotion, Aibo the robot pooch can detect petting, smiles and words of praise, and will actively seek out its owners and attempt to act in ways that please them.

The computerized canine — which is able to move in a lifelike manner along its 22 axes — is capable of this thanks to deep-learning AI technology that processes and learns from the sounds, images and location data Aibo collects throughout its battery-powered lifetime.

Aibo dog (3 images)

Able to run for two hours at a time before needing a three-hour recharge, Aibo develops its own personality over time based on its own interactions and what its peers experience. “With its owners’ permission, Aibo can connect to the cloud and access the knowledge accumulated from interactions between different owners and their aibo to become even more clever,” Sony says.

Unlike Spike, Aibo can be managed via an app, requires a monthly subscription to keep it updated and backed up, and likes chewing on what Sony calls an “Aibone” instead of rawhide.

Available to preorder via Sony Japan, Aibo costs $1,735 and will be released January 11th.

Every robot dog has its day …