Gear | October 31, 2022 8:16 am

A Huckberry Gift for Every Person on Your List

From all-time favorites to last-minute stocking stuffers, Huckberry has something for everyone

Huckberry gift items on a teal background
Huckberry / InsideHook

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There is still time to grab some gifts from Huckberry in time for the holidays. You have until today to snag some of our favorite gifting items which you can find below. Huckberry is also offering expedited shipping for a flat $15 fee that will arrive within two to three days, which means you can get all of your last minute gifts just in time. Run don’t walk.

If you’ve ever asked someone what they want for the holidays only to receive an “I really don’t need anything this year” response, then you know what it feels like to aimlessly look for a gift without a shred of hope that you’ll find something unique. Which is why we present this curated Huckberry gift guide.

This year, we’re here to help you find the gifts that will never go unappreciated, and we’re relying on Huckberry’s vast collection of gear and apparel to help us out along the way. If your partner is a wannabe camping expert, we’ve got you covered. If your neighbor is need of a style upgrade, look no further. And if your friend has a peculiar adoration for staying cozy, we’ve got something for them, too.

Below, our Huckberry Holiday Gift Guide with a present for every type of person on your list.

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A reliable beanie in a fisherman style is a classic fall/winter must-have. This one is affordable, soft and made from a blend of wool, nylon and spandex. So you have the necessary warmth and added a bit of stretch to keep things comfortable.

The Runwell is one of Shinola’s flagship watches. It has military-inspired bonafides with its bold dial, thick numerals and indices, plus a four-layer lume so this baby will still be legible even when you’re camping late at night or watching a movie in a theater. The durable anti-reflective double-domed sapphire also means it can withstand a beating. And if it helps, Emmy award-winning actor Sterling K. Brown is also a fan.

Wythe is known for its fresh take on modern western-wear. And they specialize in recreating those vintage-feeling flannel work shirts you’d steal from your parents’ closet. Wythe brushes the interior and exterior of the fabric to get that ultra-soft feel, and they even included custom corzo-shaped buttons inspired by workwear flannel shirts of the past.

It’s hard to talk about Huckberry without mentioning the flannel-lined waxed trucker jacket. It’s like mentioning King Arthur and not mentioning the sword and the stone. And to be clear, it’s one of Huckberry’s holy grails. It comes in two fits, classic and relaxed, the latter providing a bit more room in the chest and arms for layering a hoodie or sweater. It has a re-waxable exterior which is meant to block any rain or water that may come your way. And of course, you also get the soft blanket lining that keeps you warm well into the colder months of the year.

There’s nothing worse than picking up a cup of coffee and having a lukewarm drop of coffee hits your lip. Spare yourself and pick up the Ember Mug 2, which allows you to preset temperatures for your morning coffee between 120°F and 145°F and, more importantly, keep them there.

Our Place’s unique matte-finished kitchenware has a passionate fandom online — and for good reason. It has a modular lid, nonstick ceramic coating, a resting place for a spatula and a lightweight build. It’s been designed to replace your frying pan, saucepan, spoon rest, and it does it with ease.

Moab stands for “Mother of all Boots,” and it’s only grown in popularity over the last few years as Gorp-core and outdoor style becomes more popular. The Moab is the Converse, the Levis 501’s of hiking. The Huckberry x Merrell collab has a unique aluminum colorway that comes with beige and blue laces for a pop of color. They also included all of the details that make the Moab great: vibram gore-tex soles, breathable mesh and leather upper and an air cushioned heel to help maintain balance while on the trail.

The Full-Zip Hoodie has a classic structured fit that is double-lined so it can easily keep out the cold weather. It also has reinforced seams for durability but the interior still manages to feel soft. It’s made from a heavy-duty 23oz fleece and it’s cut and sewn in the USA. It’s also guaranteed to last the titular 10 years.

The Rumpl NanoLoft blanket is soft, durable, lightweight and feels like a pillow. It’s made of a recycled 30D ripstop polyester fabric and it’s easy to store away.

The Greys Outdoor comes in three different styles — boot, slipper or slide — and you can also pick from a sherpa fleece or wool constructed fabric. It’s naturally breathable, moisture-wicking and has a nice rubberized cap on the front so you don’t end up stubbing your toe on the side of the bed.

The Waxed Hudson Jacket takes a few cues from hunting jackets but winds up being even more durable while still landing all the classic details. The interior body is lined with a thick and warm flannel, plus it has corduroy trims at the cuff and a rear game pocket. Any decent hunting jacket needs multiple places to store your items, which is why they included two front pockets with additional side-entry pockets and a nifty front flap pocket. It also has a waxed canvas shell that’s extremely weather-resistant.