The Best Men’s Pajamas and Loungewear for You, a Man Who Just Wants to Be Cozy

What's so wrong with being comfy?

December 13, 2023 11:03 am
A collage of PJs on a cozy fireplace background
Trust us — he wants loungewear for Christmas.
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You can learn a lot about a man from his pajama preferences. Boxers-only bro? Probably values his freedom. Full flannel two-piece, with a robe for good measure? Now that’s a guy who appreciates the finer things in life. There are virtually endless combinations of sweaters, hoodies, shorts and robes that a dude can wear to bed and upon waking, each with their own merits.

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Of course, even in this broad canon, one that ranges from American classics like L.L. Bean to new entrants like CDLP, there are a few pieces that stand out from the coffee-stained, couch-imprinted crowd, especially if they can take you beyond the comfort of your own home. These make lounging a treat, and turn a regular TikTok doomscroll into a spa-like experience.

We’ve rounded up a variety of these loungewear gems, each cozier than the last, below, for your holiday comfort and general well-being. Here, the best men’s pajamas for you, you handsome, sometimes chilly fella.

It’s time to upgrade your pajama game from your “sleep shorts” to a real man’s pair of jammies. L.L. Bean’s flannel set should do the trick quite nicely, seeing as constructed of 100% cotton Portuguese flannel and made for hearty midwestern stock braving negative 50 windchills. Or, at least, that’s what we’d like to imagine.

Can’t be bothered with pajamas, but afraid to brave the brisk in the buff? A classic robe is just the piece of loungewear for the job. This particular number from Sleepy Jones is warm enough to keep you feeling secure, and has a certain Paul Newman energy to it that we can’t get enough of.

Mack Weldon’s updated ACE hoodie features a new-brushed French terry that is truly out of this world. It’s the optimal layer over a standard tee and more than soft enough to wear on it’s own.

Looking for a bit more luxe version than your typical thot pajama pants provide? Swedish label CDLP’s Home Trousers should add some much-needed flair ( and a buttery tencel lyocell twill finish) to your morning routines.

Sometimes a regular shirt serves just as well as pajamas…and sometimes, in the case of Uniqlo’s souped-up HEATTECH waffle crew, they’re even better.

J.Crew’s double-knit joggers have a (you guessed it) double-layer fabric that traps heat and keeps you toasty.

If you’re feeling rather prince-ish, Ralph Lauren’s practically bespoke cotton pyjamas should be right up your alley.

If a hefty robe is already a perfect gift, then that would make Canadian kings Reigning Champ’s Cabin Fleece Robe…perfect-er?

Your favorite pair of bed boxers just got pockets for your phone. How’s that for pajamas?

Does he dream of coming home to a soft leather chair and a cigar? Maybe he just bears a passing resemblance to Don Draper. Whatever his deal, we imagine virtually every guy will enjoy being swaddled in this classy Brooks Brothers Tartan Robe.

Tekla is not for the faint of wallet heart, as it will run you a few extra dollars compared to the other items on our list. But the Swedish label has undeniably become the article de choix when it comes to quality sleep and loungewear, and we’re practically drooling over their latest sleepy collab with Birkenstock.

Flannel jammies are always the move. Especially when they’re Christmas-themed.

Winter days don’t stand a chance against Offhour’s sizeable French Terry Housecoat, which acts more like a wearable weighted duvet than a dainty robe. It features a festive multi-color trim for dog walks and newspaper grabs, but lets be serious — you’re not leaving the couch with this thing on.

Elastic waistband, 100% cotton and a not-so-subtle plaid pattern make this an easy beginner pajama set.

Do care more about a post-sneaker society than traditional loungewear? Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God makes discerning — and, of course, wildly comfortable — lounge staples for any trend-forward fellow.

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