Gear | January 7, 2019 9:00 am

This Intimidatingly Smart Home Security System Is Backed By Jeff Bezos

Deep Sentinel melds AI with human surveillance

Turns out the police probably won’t respond to your home security system when it goes off.

Why? Too many false alarms.

Deep Sentinel hopes to make your security a lot smarter … and get the police more involved.

Officially launching at CES this week, Deep Sentinel — a high-def home security system backed in part by Jeff Bezos — uses the same tech that self-driving car companies use to identify perceived threats, but around your property instead of on the road.

Paired with a 24/7 human surveillance team, DS can nearly instantaneously identify and react to intruders. The company claims its AI can distinguish between potential threats and non-threats (mailman, cars, dogs, tree branch, etc.) with “zero false positives.”

Once ID’d, the AI notifies a human security agent at Deep Sentinel’s HQ, who can use very loud (104db) two-way speakers to deter trespassers and alert the police, often within 20 seconds.

Deep Sentinel also looks menacing. Designed by the team behind the Beats by Dre headphones and Polaroid Snap, the camera’s gunmetal colorway and two-barrel look is supposed to resemble a firearm. As well, when motion is detected, a strobing LED red ring proactively lights up.

Intimidating in looks, Deep Sentinel is a pretty easy setup. The wireless cameras last nine months on a charge and can be placed pretty much anywhere with a single screw.

The set, featuring three weatherproof cameras, one hub with 64GB of flash memory, four rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, three wall mounts, one yard sign and sticker decals, is currently $299 (regularly $399), plus a monthly surveillance fee of $49.99.


Photos: Deep Sentinel