Gear | January 15, 2021 10:46 am

Deal: Our Favorite Mask Is Now on Sale and Available in “Sports” Editions

If you run, ski, or bike you need these masks

Outdoor Research Facemasks
Outdoor Research

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We’ve officially declared the Outdoor Research Face Mask Kit the best face mask you can buy. It’s made from a comfortable polyester, has adjustable ear loops, and extra filters that can be inserted into the inside and provide an extra level of protection you won’t even notice is there. You can read our full review here.

Our one gripe? At $20 a pop, it’s more expensive than many of the other cloth masks on the market. Through January 20, the mask is 25% off, which brings the price down to a reasonable $15

Since we reviewed the Face Mask Kit, Outdoor Research has launched a few new masks, particularly performance-oriented masks designed for running, biking and skiing. We haven’t tested these, but they seem promising. Oh, and they’re also all on sale. Here’s a breakdown. 

Outdoor Research Adrenaline Mask
Outdoor Research

Adrenaline Sports Face Mask Kit

This is similar in design to the original face mask kit, just upgraded for active users. The outer is structured mesh, which doesn’t inhibit breathing as much as cotton or polyester, but it still has the filter. To increase the effectiveness of the filter, there are two nose wires that create a seal around your nose and a stretchy fabric that sort of cups your chin to create a better seal. Plus, the mask is structured so there’s space between your face and nose, which enhances breathability during high exertion activity. If you’ve ever run in a cloth facemask that sucks into your mouth with every breath you’ll know exactly what I mean. 

Outdoor Research Bandana
Outdoor Research

Protective Essential Bandana Kit 

I’ve been struggling with what facemask to wear while skiing. I don’t love thick neck gaiters, which tend to get soggy, and I’ve quickly learned that traditional cloth masks don’t work well with the helmet chin strap. The Bandana Kit might be the solution. It has a semi-structured mask that and the earloops are smaller so they can easily fit under a helmet strap. It’s also incorporated Heiq V-Block, an antimicrobial treatment that I really like in the original facemask. 

Outdoor Research Ubertube
Outdoor Research

Protective Essential Midweight Ubertube Kit

While this isn’t an option for many people, where I live there are enough trails to run on and remote roads to bike that there’s a chance I won’t see anyone for a few miles. But I still have to bring a mask just in case. The Ubertube is great for those scenarios. It’s made from a lightweight polyester that wicks sweat and dries quickly and is treated with a UPF 50+ sun protection. It has the same ear loops as the Bandana, which keeps the Ubertube on your head while still being able to move the mask off your face.