Gear | December 27, 2016 9:00 am

Burning Man-Inspired Tent Is Basically the Size of a Manhattan Apartment

There's so much room for activities!

The Alien Buffalo is a new tent that proves that necessity remains the mother of invention.

The shelter was conceived at Burning Man, where its creators needed a tent that could withstand the heat and dust but could also handle their special needs — i.e., space for aerial yoga.  

Hanging in… 9+ feet tall and supports 250 lbs #buffalotent #travelshelter #mayanwarrior #burningman

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Inside this reflective-skinned pentagon? About 204 square feet of floor space, along with a max floor-to-ceiling height of nine feet. At 44 pounds and 33 pounds (for the smaller Mini), the Buffalo isn’t something you can hump into the backcountry — it’s a car camping tent that packs well in your trunk.

It’s also great in the heat: the reflective shell, which they call the Super Fly, is weatherproof and has flaps for ventilation and a way to add a portable AC unit with ducting. The makers have tested it at Black Rock, Tahoe and Sioux Falls, and while the bigger model is ideal for flat surfaces, you’ll want their mini if you’re frequently camping on uneven ground.

Beyond festivalgoers, it makes for a solid shelter for small families or surfers who need some respite from the rays.

Hell, you can probably fit your surfboards in there, if for no other reason than to show everyone you can.