Noma Co-Founder Mads Refslund Names His 5 Favorite Meals in NYC

It's only the best restaurant in the world. NBD.

mads refslund
By Shari Gab / August 8, 2019 9:13 am

Give us a day, we’re going to eat around five times: breakfast, lunch, snacks, cocktails, dinner.

OK, one of those isn’t technically food, but still: five meals, five plates (or cups) to fill. Why not make each superlative?

Helping you do just that: Chef Mads Refslund, co-founder of a little (world-famous) joint called Noma, and a contributor to the very cool Gitano Garden of Love chef series.

Below, he picks out his five favorite meals in New York. Well, four meals and a cocktail. As you do.

Mads Refslund

Breakfast: Alta

“I love starting my day with breakfast at Alta. It’s been a classic in the New York Scene. It is just a cool, cool place.”

Mads Refslund

Lunch: Té Company 

“This place is so personal, so unique. Fred and his wife are unbelievably sweet people. I think he’s one of these people that shines so much but is fairly unknown in the New York culinary scene. Personally, I think he’s one of the best chefs in New York City, he’s extremely talented. The menu changes every day, so when I go, I  just eat whatever he brings out. There are only four tables, and they’re only open for lunch.”

Mads Refslund

Coffee: Gasoline Alley

“I normally have my coffee at home in the morning, but when i’m in the neighborhood I always happen to pop into Gasoline Alley. There are two entrances from both sides of the street and they are always friendly and have extremely good coffee. It’s a great place to meet people and I always see a lot of friendly faces coming through the shop, a lot of industry people.”

Mads Refslund

Light Bites: Maison Premiere

“For oysters, it’s always Maison Premiere. I love the ambiance, love the people, love the garden in summer. The laidback feeling of the ‘50s is super well done.”

Mads Refslund

Dinner: Wild Air

“For dinner, I love Wild Air. The two guys who run it are really funky people, great natural wine, not pretentious. The food is simple, and always tastes good.”