Food & Drink | May 9, 2012 9:00 am

Spirit World

After years of practice, most men would consider themselves experts at drinking. But what if, despite that expertise, there were varieties of liquor — saints preserve us — that you’d never even heard of?

There are, and you can drink them all at the Indie Spirit Expo: an assemblage of micro-distillers, importers, and small brand owners from around the world, offering tickets now.

Held at subterranean den of iniquity Crimson, the Expo’s a liquor-sampling Shangri-La that spotlights 40 little-known brands and the craftsmen who make them.

Delicious spirits include everything from the hyperlocal (Breuckelen Distilling’s hand-made gin and whiskey crafted in Sunset Park) to the truly exotic (Karlsson’s vodka, distilled in small batches from several unique potato “varietals” in Sweden).

Most product will be offered straight, but some purveyors will provide craft cocktails, like Vermont Spirits, which is offering specialty drinks prepped by the same mixologist who gets Kathie Lee and Hoda “happy” on The Today Show.

Tickets are $50, but InsideHook readers will receive 20% off by entering code “insidehook” (clever, we know).

Now if you could only get the same deal from your local bartender.