Food & Drink | May 23, 2016 2:30 pm

Read These 2016 James Beard Award Winners for Food Writing

Pork Life
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The James Beard Foundation annually recognizes the best in the food industry, including journalism. The foundation gives awards in categories such as “Dining and Travel,” Food-Related Column,” and “Visual Storytelling.” Below, read a selection of this year’s award winners from a variety of categories (we’ve included the category next to the title of the piece). For a complete list of 2016’s James Beard award winners, click here.

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Read “On Chicken Tenders” (Personal Essay)

(Jeffrey Blackler/Alamy Stock Photo)

Read “Global Supermarkets Selling Shrimp Peeled by Slaves” (Food Reporting)

(Troy Stains/Courtesy of ‘The Bitter Southerner’)

Read “The Woman Who Ate Atlanta” (Profile)

(Carly Diaz)

Read “One Night: Kachka” (Visual Storytelling)

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Read “There Are Almost No Black People Brewing Craft Beer. Here’s Why.” (Wine, Spirits, and Other Beverages)

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Read “Pork Life” (MFK Fisher Distinguished Writing Award)