Food & Drink | December 8, 2017 9:00 am

The 6-in-1 Kit That Should Replace Every Man’s Kitchen

Now you're cooking.

Your kitchen probably has a junk drawer.

Correction: Your kitchen IS a junk drawer, with its surfeit of unsharpened knives, little-used measuring vessels and, if you’re like us, 93 spatulas in various degrees of decay.

Listen, home chef: it’s time to embrace Material.

Dubbed “tasteful tools for modern cooking,” the just-launched supplier offers handsome kitchen fundamentals (Chef’s knife, slotted spoons, one-hand tongs, etc.) that stow in a single, superbly organized wooden base.

Material (5 images)

This is your anti-clutter kitchen here. Built from great materials — Japanese stainless steel, natural woods (walnut, maple, beech) — Material’s compact idea is The Fundamentals, a curated set of six essential cooking tools captured in a wood base (with a magnetic inner wall to hold up your knives).

What you’ll get:

  • The 8” Knife: An ice-tempered, hand-finished chef’s knife built from three layers of Japanese stainless steel and a stain-resistant matte grip
  • The Almost 4” Knife: Because it’s actually 3.5”. For precision slicing, mincing, peeling and shaving.
  • The Only Tongs: One-hand lock and unlock mechanism, and a sloped head to keep counters clean
  • The Slotted Spatula: Flexible and lightweight, but decidedly strong
  • The Wood Spoon: Natural walnut or beech, with a sloped head to scrape your pan clean
  • The Metal Spoon: Perfect for scooping and serving.

It’s $175 for the set (or $75 for just the Chef’s Knife), so you’ll save quite a bit compared to other luxury kitchen suppliers — without the storage issues or suffering the paradox of choice. And right now, the company’s offering free shipping, a 60-day trial and a lifetime guarantee.

Preorder now, and you’ll get a curated set of spices (cured sumac, thyme, smoked pimenton) before the holidays. Alas, the kitchenware itself won’t ship until February.