Food & Drink | July 28, 2017 9:00 am

Cowboy Cauldrons Are Here to Put Your Fire Pit to Shame

Home, home on the range ...

You may think they’re only good for cooking up double-sized portions of toil and trouble but it turns out cauldrons are actually pretty great way to cook for (or set a spell on) a large group.

For evidence of the former, kindly direct your attention to the range of Cowboy Cauldrons that are the brainchild of desert-resident-turned-D.C.-lobbyist Mike Bertelsen. Designed to let large groups congregate around a fire without having to deal with blackened rocks, half-burnt logs and cleanup, the handmade Cowboy Cauldrons are built in the U.S. from high-tensile steel.

Ranging in size from 30 to 42 inches in diameter, each one of the cauldrons comes with a cooking grill, two-piece charcoal grate, cover and a hanging tripod that’s six feet tall.

In addition to those accessories, the cauldrons — Urban Cowboy ($1,695), Wrangler ($2,395) and Ranch Boss ($2,995) — can also be delivered with add-ons like cast irons pans, extra hooks, heavy duty tongs, a fire ring and jars of bear fat for seasoning as well as protection.

Cowboy Cauldron (3 images)

Each Cowboy Cauldron also comes with the guarantee the company will buy it back within 60 days if a customer isn’t pleased with their purchase, though they’ve yet to have one come back.

If you’re never bought a cauldron before, join the club. That’s why Cowboy Cauldron works with landscape architects, designers and everyone in between to advise customers with questions.

It’ll really tie the occult meetup together.