Food & Drink | May 15, 2018 9:00 am

Boon Supply Is a Charitable, Affordable Alternative to Amazon Prime

It’s like a dollar store for do-gooders

If you’re like us, you feel a pang of guilt every time you order from Amazon.

But what if you could buy your everyday items from a design-forward, eco-friendly company for about the same price … with half the payment going to a charity of your choice?

That’s the goal of Boon Supply, a brand new online outpost that sells “everyday goods with a purpose.”

Started by Lily Kanter, a former Microsoft bigwig and co-founder/CEO of elevated home decor brand Serena & Lily, Boon Supply offers 200+ products for your home, car or garden that don’t hit a price point above $50 (in fact, three-quarters of the wares check in under $25).

On any order placed through the site, 50% of the proceeds go to a cause of your choice: national nonprofits, local charity, or even a cause of your own. “We think of it as if GoFundMe had merchandising,” says Kanter. “These are micro fundraisers built around products you use everyday of your life.”

Boon Supply (6 images)

So think kitchen supplies, grilling tools, garden utensils, storage options and the like. All designed in-house with an eco-friendly, responsibly sourced DNA at their core. And you’ll receive them, like Amazon Prime, in just two days.

Those Amazon comparisons are a coincidence, either. “We go straight to Amazon to price goods,” explains Kanter. “If we can’t get within 10-15% of prices, we probably won’t sell the item.”

After picking out your items, you can look up a category of cause, or donate to one of Boon’s featured fundraisers (which you can do anonymously … or skip, if you so choose). If you want to create a fundraiser, submit your cause with a description and fundraising goal. Once approved — they’re apolitical and lenient on your cause of choice, but will want some confirmation details if you’re working with a larger organization (Red Cross, etc.) — you’ll get a unique code to share on your social network of choice.

Right now the items purposely appeal a bit more to women (witness: a lot of colorful bags), but Kanter says an array of camping and outdoor wares will be available soon.