Culture | November 14, 2017 9:00 am

The Book Of Sandwich, Vol. XII: Nolita

7 great sammies hiding in one of NYC's swankiest 'hoods

At a time when we can’t agree on one dang thing, it’s safe to say we can all agree on this:


While our office has been debating whether a hot dog is one for four years, our collective appreciation for meat between two slices has held steady.

Hence the Book of Sandwich, Vol. 7, in which we set out to find the best grab-and-grubs in one of New York’s quaintest — and tastiest — hoods: Nolita.

From Cubans to Parisians to a breakfast-for-dinner egg sammy, they’ve got it all.

Café Habana
If I were a single man, I would spend every day at the counter at this joint. The Cuban sandwich is what dreams are made of — marinated pork, ham,  chipotle mayo and a pickle — and the place is riddled with attractive women at every hour of the day.

17 Prince Street (map)

Parisi Bakery Delicatessen
Listen, when a place has been going strong for over 100 years, you can bet they’re doing something very right. The basement at 198 Mott Street still contains the brick oven where they baked their very first loaf. Ask for The Dennis: chicken, prosciutto and mozzarella. They’ll say it doesn’t exist, but we assure you it very much does. Bat those lashes and get to grubbin’.

290 Elizabeth Street (map)

Egg Shop
They can do no wrong. Get the custom biscuit sandwich with a side of tots morning, noon and night. Treat yo’self!

151 Elizabeth Street (map)

The Press Shop
Before the guy who inevitably writes in every damn time to tell me this is not technically located in Nolita and proceeds to berate me about how I’m not a real New Yorker (you know who you are) does so, I want to make it clear that I know this is in Noho. Then I’d like you to know I don’t care. Because the newly reopened Press Shop is the bomb. Their Middle Eastern-inspired vegetarian sandwich with Brussels sprouts slaw and a housemade butternut squash soup is the perfect thing for chilly fall days. So I’m putting it in the story.

74 Bleecker Street (map)

Black Seed Bagels
I’m going to be honest that my knees have almost given out while waiting for an egg sandwich here. It takes a f*cking eternity. It is worth it. Get it on rye.

170 Elizabeth Street (map)

This Reuben will make you a better person.

54 Prince Street (map)

Saigon Vietnamese Sandwich Deli
When I first moved to NYC, I lived in this special lil’ hideout. Why? Because their pork báhn mì is beyond delicious and costs about $5. I was broke as hell, but I never went hungry thanks to this perfect sammy.

369 Broome Street (map)