Culture | March 31, 2014 9:00 am

Chase Lounge

By The Editors

There’s something to be said for antiquing.

That something is “This place smells like cat pee.”

That’s why you should do your mid-century modern furniture hunting at Mixed Nuts, a clean, cat pee-free (and delightful) shop now open in Hayes Valley and Outer Richmond.

This place is basically the junk shop of which dreams and Dwell magazine shoots are made.

Curated by a trio of young fellas with divergent but equally spot-on taste, Mixed Nuts is stacked with vintage loungers, Eames and van der Rohe office chairs, art, tchotchkes, electronics and camera equipment that speak to every man’s inner retro-futurist.

It’s like going down to your granddad’s basement for the first time and discovering A) he’s a well-organized hoarder and B) he’s cooler than you gave him credit for.

And C) dude has a dope Instagram account, too.