Culture | July 2, 2015 9:00 am

How to Piss off the Neighbors in Style

Dig vinyl? Dig loud music? Dig this.

By The Editors

James Brown’s got the feelin’.

But you can’t hear it when you play him through those tinny little computer speakers.

Feel me?

Let’s sharpen things up a bit, care of Salvaged Audio, a Central Coast concern that hand-makes speakers out of stunning reclaimed lumber.

Reclaimed means no Salvaged noisemaker is the same. Every piece brings a story worth telling — along with orotund, neighbor-waking sounds — to your tabletop.

Like Ralph’s Redwood, a set of mini towers made from the remains of a fence that once kept an American Bulldog (the titular Ralph) at bay.

That same fence also made these T-Line Towers, which work quite nicely with a record player (as long as you have a preamp).

The pick of the litter: the redwood-and-ebony Elder, Salvage’s largest speaker.

All are made by Jared Kirby, a former sound engineer who went from building custom guitars to building sturdy sound boxes.

Every pair comes with an earphone jack.

Because maybe you like your neighbors.

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