Culture | November 11, 2014 9:00 am

The F1 Racecar of Headphones

Oh, and it’s endorsed by KCRW’s music director.

By The Editors

Guys who make high-end headphones face two challenges.

One: music quality.

Two: your head, dude. It’s shaped all weird.

Solving for both, and looking sexy in the process: Mo-Fi by Blue.

Blue, you may have heard, is a Calabasas company that makes hi-fi mics for musicians and disc jockeys.

Now, they’ve created a set of powerful headphones that auto-adjust to your noggin and sport a larger-than-usual speaker and analogue amp right in the ear cups.

So A) you get a fuller, more resonant sound, and B) you high-end audio aesthetes don’t have to carry around a separate audio amp.

No less a luminary than “America’s most influential radio DJ,” KCRW’s Jason Bentley, is a fan.

The Mo-Fi has three settings: Off, which still plays music like unpowered headphones; On, which delivers a natural sound; and On+, which provides a bed of mind-blowing bass.

They automatically power-down when you take them off.

They’re a little heavier than most high-end sets, but the fit is perfect. The ear cups are actually shaped to the ear, and the suspension joints on the camber adjusts to your head. No zip arms. Just a solid seal.

That last part of the design was inspired by the suspension of an F1 racecar.

Get after it.