Culture | September 19, 2014 9:00 am

Going Native

By The Editors

Newsflash: we’re in a drought. You’ve probably heard.

Here’s another newsflash: as long as SoCal imports its water, we’ll always have supply issues. Always. Especially when 40-60% of it goes to keeping non-native lawns lush.

So in the spirit of doing ourselves and our progeny a solid, we bring you Landscaping in the Time of Drought, a guide to maintaining a stunning, waterwise lawn.

Mostly, this is done by planting native plants. The good news: Southern California has beautiful native plants. Grasses even.

Also: better irrigation technologies. Most irrigation systems lose water to the wind and end up in the storm drain — not on your fescue.


  • The lawn that’ll save you $30k in ten years
  • How to make your backyard look like a hiking trail
  • And tips on doing all the landscaping yourself

Plus, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power will pay you $3.00 for every square foot of grass replaced with waterwise landscaping.

Save money. Save your lawn.

Save California.