Culture | November 3, 2017 9:00 am

Nothing says happy holidays like hosting a party with cannabis cooking

La Hoja caters a very high cuisine

The holiday party season is officially upon us.

One way to make the most of it? A cannabis-infused dinner party, at your place.

Enter La Hoja, an, ahem, elevated catering service from the chef behind Butchers and Barbers.

lahoja (3 images)

Before you fret that weed-infused cuisine might blast you straight into the stratosphere, know that these guys have this down to a science. They mix the THC — the psychotropic compound in cannabis — with CBD, a compound found in the male plant that mollifies the intensity of the former (more on that here). They also use low doses.

But if you still have doubts, they’re throwing a little shindig on Saturday (11/11/17) where you can sample some dishes, like hama hama oysters in cannabis-infused citrus vinegar and serrano mignonette. Tickets are available here, and include unlimited beer, wine and infused cocktails.

But they don’t include a ride home, so make sure you have arrangements for that as well.