Cooking | April 21, 2021 11:08 am

Deal: All-Clad’s Factory Seconds Sale Is Open With Cookware Up to 82% Off

Stainless steel, copper core and nonstick pans all included

All-Clad copper core sauce pan on a grey background
You're cooking at home more, might as well get yourself some All-Clad.

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All-Clad has once again opened up its treasure trove to all of us home chefs. That is, now through Friday Sunday (they extended it), they’re running a factory seconds sale where cookware is as high as 82% off. No, really, you can get a 15-inch stainless steel roasting pan and pot holders for $29.95.

While that’s the biggest discount, it’s not our favorite. This sale offers huge savings on some of the cookware giant’s best and most popular pots, pans and skillets, including classic stainless steel, super slick nonstick and even top-notch copper core.

Before you buy, there are a couple things to know, especially if you’ve never taken advantage of these All-Clad sales before. You’ll need to enter your email to access the sale, and by doing so you’re acknowledging that you understand these products are either factor seconds (they have some cosmetic damage that won’t affect performance) or have packaging damage (that makes it unfit for store shelves), and that’s why these are on sale for ridiculously low prices. Each item will be labeled according to which category it falls under, in case you don’t want your cookware to have any blemishes. 

As always, the best deals go quickly, so some of the products we link to here may be sold out by the time you click. But don’t be discouraged, there are dozens of other deals for you to stock up your kitchen with.