Arts & Entertainment | December 16, 2016 9:00 am

These Geniuses Made IRL ‘Star Wars’ Speeder Bikes From Jet Skis

What have you done today?

The release of Rogue One has fans giddy about new Star Wars vehicles, but an old favorite has reemerged irl: The speeder bike.

Devin Graham (aka YouTuber devinsupertramp) joined forces with Jetovator to turn their jet ski accessory into water-powered versions of the levitating craft, and film it for all of us to covet.

You’ll remember these from Return of the Jedi, when Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia commandeer them from scout stormtroopers. Graham’s video admirably recreates this classic chase scene — with slight aesthetic variations (Chewbacca is uglier, Ewoks are cuter).

While you won’t find these particular models available for purchase, as shown in the behind-the-scenes video, you might be able to figure it out with some engineering skills and about 75 rolls of duct tape.

One technician describes the modifications this way: “If you think of the Jetovator as a Kawasaki Ninja, this is like a custom chopper.”

Quite honestly, we’re open to either.

Main photo via Devin Super Tramp’s Facebook