Arts & Entertainment | November 2, 2016 9:00 am

Two Aussie Bros Just Conned Their Way Into North Korea’s Nat’l Golf Tourney

‘My caddy told me I had brought great shame to my family’

Two guys from Down Under just putt a big one over on North Korea.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay of Brisbane were in Beijing to play polo when they heard about the seventh annual North Korean Golf Championships. Naturally, they sent in an application to play. After screeners for the tournament accepted the 28-year-olds as the official Australian golf team, they had green blazers made up identifying themselves as such and went to North Korea.

“We didn’t think we’d actually be accepted,” Shay told Daily Mail Australia. “I don’t think they’re massive on the internet over there so I don’t think they had many opportunities to research.”

Once they arrived at the two-day tourney — which hosted 85 players and required “official” duties like visiting the Mansudae Grand Monument — Ruig and Shay were swiftly found out.

“They quickly realized after the first tee-off,” Ruig told The Courier-Mail. “I hit 120 and my caddy told me I had brought great shame to my family. We played very poorly.”

Even if they’d played like champs at the Pyongyang Golf Club, there’s no way Ruig and Shay could have beat the 38-under-par course-record Kim Jong-Il set when he shot 11 hole-in-ones.

Because that totally happened.