Arts & Entertainment | December 26, 2016 9:00 am

The ‘American Psycho’ Apartment Is on Sale. Here’s How to Decorate It.

Why yes, those are copies of the Style section all over, Paul

The American Psycho apartment is for sale.

No, not the one in the American Gardens Building on West 81st Street where Patrick Bateman put an axe through Paul Allen’s head.

We’re talking the East Village loft where Bret Easton Ellis wrote the satirical serial killer novel, which is much better for obvious reasons (affordability and passing a blacklight test are high on our list).

“The layout of the apartment just spoke to me, I can’t explain why,” Ellis told The Observer. The American Felt Building condo, which he purchased in 1987 and wrote American Psycho in until 1989, was where “the whole drama played out.”

Only one lucky psychopath person will snag the $5,900/month Union Square pad, but everyone can take a few design tips from Bateman. As the personification of elitist consumerism, he fills his apartment with nothing but the best, including everything here:

1. Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox
2. Genesis Invisible Touch CD
3. David Onica’s Sunrise with Broken Plates painting
4. Whitney Houston Whitney Houston CD
5. Les Misérables poster from the original Broadway production
6. Duntech Sovereign 2001 speakers

7. Brooks Brothers raincoat (Unlike Christian Bale’s iconic transparent movie version, Bateman describes in the book, “… a cheap raincoat I picked up at Brooks Brothers …”)
8. Huey Lewis and the News Fore! CD
9. Home delivery of The New York TImes
10. Toshiba VCR
11. Baldwin Concert Grand Piano

And if you’re more interested in what 21st century Patrick Bateman would be up to, including  what axe he would buy, we’ve figured that out too.