Advice | June 26, 2015 9:00 am

Best of June

Camping and complimenting ladies: let's review

By The Editors

Sitting Outside, Upgraded
Summertime means relaxing in the sun, umbrella drink in hand. The apparatus you should be sitting on: a handsomely woody folding lounge chair from Brooklyn furniture virtuoso Todd St. John, now available for keister parking. Check it out.

This Does Not Involve Going to Work
Because days like today were meant for playing hooky, we’ve got just the four-step plan to help you (and a date, hopefully) foil the Ed Rooneys of the world and enjoy some sunny relaxation right here in town.
Check it out.

Pappy Go Lucky
We’ve got the Golden Ticket: 750ml of Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve 15-year. They make 7,000 cases a year. It goes on the secondary market for upwards of $500. You don’t want to know what we had to do to get it. Here’s how to win it.

Camping This Summer? Get in Here.
Be you Bear Grylls or just a man who prefers his five stars with s’mores and guided hikes, check our inaugural Summer Camping Issue, packed full of sites, activities and backcountry tips from the most seasoned trailblazers in the game. Check it out.

How a Gentleman Compliments a Lady
As the mercury rises, so too the number of uncouth blokes tossing off ill-conceived “compliments” without abandon – avoid being one with this practical guide for those times when you’d like to say something nice to a lady. Check it out.

Two Suits & a Rolex, Who Wants ‘Em?
Your pals at InsideHook have partnered with some other pals to offer you the chance at two custom summer kits and a Rolie. Don’t miss out on this one, old boy. Check it out.