Action | August 11, 2017 5:00 am

Watch Nigel Sylvester Skydive With a BMX Bike in Dubai

Daredevil pulled the stunt for his latest 'Go' episode.

Nigel Sylvester gives viewers an experience like no other in the BMX scene with his show Go, which debuted last April. This most recent episode was no different.

Sylvester kicks off the episode by skydiving with his BMX bike in Dubai. He lands the bike and rides away.

Think that’s it? No way. He then he just keeps knocking off other stunts that most people only dream of: he goes jet skiing, bikes the opposite way of traffic, goes off-roading in the desert, snowboards indoors, and drives a Lamborghini.

According to Grind TV, Sylvester ends the episode with a phone call to rapper Tinie Tempah. He hints that he will be heading to London next. Who knows what tricks he’ll pull there.