Action | July 15, 2017 5:00 am

Watch This Freerunner Defy Gravity on Tokyo Rooftops

Jason Paul gives you vertigo again with latest GoPro video.

Here’s something to satisfy fans of freerunning phenom Jason Paul who have had a yen to see him tackle Tokyo.

Of late, you’ve been seeing a lot of him on RCL. You might remember his bit at the Munich airport or doing a handstand high atop a building in Tel Aviv. (You may still be experiencing vertigo flashbacks from the latter.)

More recently, there was the knee-disintegrating leap-walk down a fountain in Barcelona. So the sky’s the limit with what Paul could do atop the buildings of Tokyo.

Paul is up to his old tricks in the Japanese metropolis, where the daredevil takes us on his “morning walk” along a number of different rooftops in the Japanese city.

Watch the results above.