Action | January 19, 2017 5:00 am

Free Skier Sam Favret Carves Up Glaciers in the Mont-Blanc Mountains

Most adventurers know the Mer de Glace as France’s largest glacier. Free-skier Sam Favret calls it his personal playground.

Born in Chamonix, Favret has a near-innate sense of the rugged Alps that make up his backyard: His family has three generations of high-altitude mountain guides in it. Now, the free skier is carrying on his ancestor’s trade.

Ice Call is a short film (cut from a longer ski movie entitled Backyards Project) that follows the Frenchman as he bombs down the massive glacier, guiding viewers through the Mont-Blanc mountains. Below, watch Favret soar across giant crevasses and ride along walls of ice with aplomb.

—RealClearLife Staff