Nine Survival Experts Name the One Item They’d Want on Doomsday

Including a retired Navy SEAL and the guy who trains them

January 20, 2017 9:00 am

A man currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a paddleboard. A guy who trains military and law enforcement. A retired member of SEAL Team 6.

These are the people who would survive an apocalypse. So we got in touch with them (and six other outdoor experts) and posed a simple question:

What is the one item you would want on you in the event of an apocalypse?

Below, their answers. Take note if you want to live.

Jeff Clark Surfboard
Chris Bertish, Big-wave surfer and Guinness SUP World Record holder

“In the event of an apocalypse, I would grab my favorite Jeff Clark Big Gun Surfboard, so I can ride it out!”

Editor’s note: Bertish is currently in the middle of the ocean attempting the first ever solo Trans-Atlantic stand-up paddleboard crossing. He’s calling it the SUP Crossing.

Doomsday Knives (3 images)

onPoint Tactical, CRKT Hisshou or RAT Training Package Knives
Kevin Reeve, Founder and Director of onPoint Tactical Tracking School

“In addition to basic survival cutting chores, [a knife] is a tool that can be used to make other tools: thrusting spears, fish spears, bow drill sets, cooking and eating implements … When I have practiced full survival, the knife was the tool that made survival easier, faster, more efficient. I usually carry between four and six. (Why six? Because I have not figured a reasonable way to carry 10.) It is extremely deadly in trained hands. It never runs out of ammo. It never jams. And in confined space, it is better than a rifle. For a utility knife: the onPoint Tactical knife from TOPS Knives, a knife of my own design. I like James Williams’ knives from CRKT for fighting, along with Harley Elmore’s RAT.”

Salomon Adventure Racing Shoes
Clint Emerson, retired SEAL Team 6 member and author of 100 Deadly Skills and 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition

The only thing he’d need? A “solid pair of shoes that you can run, fight and withstand the elements” in. “My favorites are Salomon Adventure Racing Shoes. They have Kevlar laces that can be used for all kinds of ‘survival situations.’”

SOLKOA Survival Kit
Peter Buchanan-Smith, Founder of Best Made Company

“It packs 25 of the most essential survival tools (everything from a space blanket, to a fire starting kit, to a multi-tool and water purification tablets) into a virtually indestructible aircraft grade aluminum box that is barely 20 cubic inches, almost small enough to fit in your pocket.”

If that’s disqualified because it’s actually 25 items? He’d go for one of Best Made’s Hudson Bay Axes or Straight Hold Hatchets.

Blundstone 560 Shearling Boot
Reade Gosen, Store Manager at Askov Finlayson

“Oh man, during the last apocalypse I was in, I took the basics for granted. So for this next one, I’d want a good pair of boots. And since I live in Minnesota, they’d have to be warm. I’m going with these Blundstone thermal Chelsea boots. If I had to pick an Askov item, it would be a good bag.” He settled on their waxed canvas collaboration with Frost River, since he’s gonna need something that’ll last rapid destruction … and then the lonely decades that follow.

Leatherman Sidekick
Nick Blackman, Co-Founder of Wazoo Survival Gear

“Because every potential scenario needs drastically different tools, I’m going to pick something that has a wide range of features that are capable of adapting across a wide range of environments: my multi-tool. My current everyday carry is a Leatherman Sidekick. Needle nose pliers are handy from urban scenario vehicles or electrical work to wilderness fish hook removal. The blade may not be chopping down any trees, but the built-in saw can handle small branches for shelter and firewood.”

Arkiv Modular Pack
Jeff Roberts, Creative Director at Mission Workshop

“It would allow a person to carry a big load of gear if they were moving headquarters or locations, or slim down and carry a minimalist pack for a short recon or hunting mission. Arkiv would also keep a Geiger counter, solar charger and other electronics dry when it rains, and food, medical supplies and ammo in separate compartments to avoid cross-contamination. Arkiv packs also look impressive, and will help you stand out from your competition when running for mayor of your new enclave.”

Cache Belt
Dustin Hogard, Co-Founder of Wazoo Survival Gear

Excuse my self-promoting answer, but frankly, our Cache Belt would be what I would want on me in the event of an apocalypse … with integrated survival kit, [it] was created to get you out of trouble no matter where you are and what your issue is. In a proverbial unexpected apocalypse, we do not know what obstacles we will have to overcome or where we will be when it hits.” If he had to pick a non-Wazoo product? “M1 Abrams tank, chainsaw bazooka or the key to my 5-star underground nuclear bunker.

Leatherman MUT EOD
Richard Liu, Founder of DSPTCH

He’d pick the mil-spec Leatherman he already uses. So if the apocalypse comes today (you know, hypothetically), Liu is prepared.

Photo credits:
Main image: Jasin Boland – © 2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Inline 1: Craig Kolesky

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