Man Reaches One Million United Miles … by Renting Cars

Someone get this guy his Airline Hack of the Year award

November 16, 2017 9:00 am
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Airfare is expensive. Renting a car is painful.

In a world of increasing uncertainty, it seemed that these truths, at least, would hold true.

No more.

Las Vegan JJ Todd recently passed one million miles earned from United Airlines, all thanks to a stunning circadian commitment to renting luxury vehicles from Hertz Rent a Car. The two travel companies paired on a promotion back in April — 5,250 miles per rental, a $79 dollar value — and Todd capitalized. He’s rented 227 cars in the last eight months.

Shocker: Todd is also the founder of Easy Go Traveler, an online travel helper. He’s no stranger to travel and lifestyle fixes, and actually started renting cars for his commute as early as 2012, thinking it made more fiscal sense than owning a car.

So, has it all been worth it?

Todd considers the Hertz team his extended family — they baked him a cake after he passed one million miles — and he’s got trips booked for South Africa, Brazil and Argentina. All at a rate of $0.005 a mile.

Friendship and adventure for a fair price? Can’t argue with that.

via The Points Guy


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