Nostalgia, Supermodels and Zero Gravity

Your NY editor bids you farewell

By The Editors
August 6, 2015 9:00 am

My Dear NYC InsideHook Brethren,

It has been, in the words of one Jerome John Garcia, a long strange trip.

This marks the final communique you motley lot will receive from yours truly as the New York editor of InsideHook.

But fret not! (And yes, I do realize the majority of you are thinking, “All good man, wasn’t fretting.”)

I’m not going far. I am, though, relinquishing the lion’s share of my NYC editorial duties to step into the role of Creative Director here at InsideHook.

Furthermore, I’m leaving you in the most capable of hands. More on that in a moment.

First, I’d like to take a quick stroll down memory lane.

I was one of InsideHook’s two founding editors. Here since Day One. Fun fact: we started publishing on Leap Day in 2012. Still looking forward to that first anniversary.

Our first piece? A zero gravity airplane. Still one of my favorites, and not just because Kate Upton wound up doing it in a bikini.

Over the ensuing moons we’ve covered a lot of ground. Some of it here and gone in the blink of an eye (that photography exhibit in old shipping containers, the members-only brisket society), some of it every bit as actionable as the day we wrote about it (the tiniest upstate getaway cabin you’ve ever seen, that zipline that rockets you 50 mph 600 feet over terra firma).

When Hurricane Sandy hit, I’m proud to say we never missed a day of publishing — and worked to help our readers find the best ways to assist those in need.

We created handbooks to being a gentleman, guides to maximizing your summer days off and a quarterly compendium of boozy tipples to delight your discerning palate.

Hell, I even gave some personal style advice (“Always free! Occasionally good!”) and got doused in red wine in the process.

Long story short, I’m gonna miss pounding the pavement for you guys. Never a dull moment.

Which brings me to my replacement.

Her name: Shari Gab. Her game: being excellent at scouring our fair(ish) city for the best ways for you to spend your hard-earned free time and greenbacks.

But I’ll let her give you the skinny. Shari?

“It’s said that everyone comes to New York looking for something. I say: I’ll tell you what that something is, why it’s worth wanting, and how to get VIP access. I’m over the moon to be welcomed into the esteemed(ish) echelon that is InsideHook. Cheers to this new adventure together.”

See? I told you, capable hands.

And with that, I’m off. Apologies for the lengthy missive; got a little nostalgic.

I won’t be far: should you ever want to reach me with a tip, suggestion or question regarding espadrilles, just email and I’ll hit you back tout de suite.

It’s been an adventure and a pleasure.

Be well and I’ll see you out there,

Danny Agnew
former New York Editor
current Creative Director
future Horse Whisperer

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