Now Departing: An Anti-Gravity Flight from JFK
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Now Departing: An Anti-Gravity Flight from JFK

Go weightless in a modified 727

  • 29 February 2012

While every red-blooded American boy dreams of becoming an astronaut and boldly venturing into the cosmos, the vast majority of us wind up boldly venturing into ... work.

Leave the briefcase behind and achieve your childhood fantasy with Zero G Corporation’s “Weightless Experience,” taking off from JFK on March 31.

Strapped inside the empty, padded cabin of a modified 727, you’ll ascend to 34,000 feet, where the pilot will perform a complicated series of parabolic arcs. The effect of these arcs is simple: everything within the plane, including you, becomes 100% weightless. Yes, exactly like it is in space.

The maneuver is repeated 15 times, with up to 30 seconds of pure weightlessness each, allowing you to perform all the zero-gravity stunts your 11-year-old self ever dreamed of: flying from wall to wall, drinking floating orbs of water out of midair, you name it.

The whole experience lasts five hours, including a pre-flight orientation and “regravitation celebration” once you return to terra firma.

As you'd expect, this gravity-defying experience costs more than coach, but we’re guessing no one will be celebrating more than your inner child.

The Specifics

Zero G Corporation

Cost: ~$5k
(703) 894-2188

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