Keys. Wallet. Phone.: The Outdoorsman

Upgrading your checklist of habitual need

By The Editors
September 22, 2015 9:00 am

Keys. Wallet. Phone. The things you carry; your morning mantra. Here’s our bi-weekly guide to carrying them in style. This week: some new personal effects for the Outdoorsmen among you.

The Mini Q

Minimalist and sleek for a reason: namely, not getting stabbed in the thigh while climbing. Also: no more hauling a heavy knife on your belt. The Mini Q is designed to flip your keys out when you need them and conceal ‘em when you don’t, with small notches that make for a solid grip on an easy-access blade. Order here.


A classed-up rendition of the outdoorsman’s best friend, this multi-functional clip holds up to 14 keys and offers an array of wrenches, a prybar, a screw-bit driver, a flat blade screwdriver, a file and, most importantly, a bottle opener for when you reach the peak. Order here.

Elements Range Wallet

All your essentials will be safe and dry come rain, snow or sand. Say goodbye to the Ziploc baggie with Bellroy’s new wallet collection, designed strong and secure with all-weather leather, water-resistant zippers, a micropen (just in case) and backed by a 3-year warranty. Order here.

Ibattz Mojo Refuel Phone Case

The best protection for the rugged outdoors. It’ll stand up to water, dirt, grit and impact. The bonus: it houses an extra charge pack with two batteries for limitless power. Not the most refined look for everyday use, but a tried and true tool if you find yourself lost 30 miles in the middle of who-knows-where. Order here.

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