A New App Makes It Cheaper, Easier Than Ever to Plan a Multi-Stop Eurotrip

Just enter your dates. It’ll find the trains.

December 10, 2018 9:00 am

Europeans are pretty damn good at travel. Pack 44 countries into a space about the same size as the contiguous United States, and you’re encouraging some serious gallivanting. No wonder the continent turned backpack into a verb. 

And now we’ve got news that country-hopping in Europe could get even easier: introducing EightyDays, a new app/online service that generates on-command European adventures, sourcing all the planes, trains and automobiles you’ll need to get from A to B to C to D. 

We played around a bit with the app to get a feel for its planning expertise, and came away impressed. Consider these two examples, each analyzed for March 9-16, 2019: 

A) A five-city Edinburgh round trip that had to include Athens 

B) A six-city Barcelona round trip that could go anywhere 

Option A: $218, all flights, you’ll spend two nights in Manchester, Milan and Athens, along with one night in Warsaw, before returning to Edinburgh. 

Option B: $255, four flights, two trains, you’ll spend one night in Bologna, one in Warsaw, one in Eindhoven, two in Milan and one in Turin before returning to Barcelona. 

The prices here are great (and are sure to make Americans paying $200 for a one-way flight from NYC to Chicago irate), but the app’s ease of use is what really makes it special. It takes 10 seconds to build your adventure, pulling simultaneously from cost-effective planes and trains, a process that would normally require a decent amount of research. 

If you’ve got a home base in Europe, or a well-earned sabbatical coming up, spend some time on the app. You’ll be collecting passport stamps in no time. 

For more information on the app, head here

Image from Wikimedia Commons // Aerial view of Edinburgh, Scotland 

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