Global Wine Production Is Down This Year — But It’s Up Domestically

The report reveals some interesting numbers

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Are we living through a sea change for wine?
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What does the future of drinking wine look like? At least for now, the present state of wine consumption seems to involve drinking less of it. In the last five years, surveys have pointed to a slowing of wine imbibing — particularly among younger generations of drinkers. But personal drinking is one thing; what about the trends in global wine production? Data provided by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (also known as the OIV) points to an overall drop in production around the world — albeit with some interesting variations.

Specifically, the organization’s outlook for 2023 points to a drop-off in wine production in the European Union, Australia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. As for the United States, however, production is expected to rise to a level both higher than 2022’s production level and “above the average observed in the last years.” New Zealand’s wine production is also expected to rise in 2023.

The report cites “unfavourable weather conditions that led to downy mildew and droughts” as being responsible for the drop-off in production in Spain and Italy. Wine production in France is predicted to rise relative to last year, however.

Some other things are relatively stable in the industry, with E.U. wine production responsible for 61% of global wine — a figure that the OIV states is “in line with the last ten years’ average.”

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The OIV’s predictions state that global wine production in 2023 will be at their lowest levels in 60 years. The organization’s report also points to the E.U.’s level of production being “the third lowest production level recorded since the beginning of the century.” This report doesn’t represent an existential threat to the wine industry — but it does highlight some trends worth monitoring.


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