Deal: TRX Systems Are on Sale, So Your New Fitness Routine Starts Now

Grab discounts on four versions of the suspension trainer at Huckberry

TRX Suspension Fitness System and Rip Trainer
TRX proves you don't need an entire home gym to stay fit.

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No matter how cliche it is, most of us have fitness goals for 2020. But if we’ve learned anything from years of setting, and subsequently breaking, those workout regimens, it’s this: be realistic, and don’t drop a ton of money on a fancy new gym membership (if you’re never going to go) or home gym equipment (if it’s just going to collect dust while you watch Disney+). 

Instead, consider easing into a new routine with something affordable, effective and, dare we say, fun — something like TRX. The suspension training system has been around since the ‘90s, but thanks to tweaked design, added elements and detailed programs, it remains as relevant as ever. And right now on Huckberry, four different versions of the equipment are around 35% off.

Never heard of TRX? It’s a bodyweight workout system designed by former Navy SEAL Randy Hetrick that uses straps you can mount wherever you are, whether it be your home or hotel room, and can easily be tailored to your fitness level. That said, there are key differences among the four discounted systems, which we’ve detailed below.

TRX Original Strong System

If you just want the basics: Original Strong System

If you want the simplest setup available, with some introductory workouts included, this door mount and straps are all you need.

TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer + 12-Week Conditioning Program

If you need a trainer: Tactical + 12-Week Program

If you slip back into bad habits easily, this comes with an app-based conditioning program to follow.

TRX Minimal Fit System Suspension Training System

If you’re a frequent flyer: Minimal Fit System

The lightest package of all. Just toss in your carry-on and set up wherever you end up.

TRX Rip Trainer Home Workout Equipment

If you’ve got space: Rip Trainer

This core-focused system swaps the traditional straps for a bar and resistance cord.

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