Review: Your Workstation Needs Fulton’s Padded Standing Mat

Desk, dishwasher, wherever you linger...this thing eases stress on the joints

A split photo showing off Fulton's standing mat.
We like to use Fulton's new mat in the kitchen...but it makes for a great WFH-station companion, too.

We’re used to thinking of standing desks as a universal good, a workplace ideal to aspire to, sitting being the new smoking and all.

But the latter is a bit hyperbolic (smoking is smoking, bar none), and the former…is not entirely true. While a faithful use of standing desks will likely reduce your risk of obesity, diabetes or even cancer, it can also lead to aches and pains from your feet all the way up your spine. A fixed position can lead to a pooling of blood in your legs (especially if you have varicose veins), which might lead to swelling. Not great.

There are some small fixes that keep a “standing workstation” in the right column of your daily routine. Like: going for periodical walks, or making sure your monitor is high enough (so you don’t look like Quasimodo while cleaning out your inbox). You’ll also want a great anti-fatigue mat. We’re big fans of Fulton’s brand-new Standing Mat.

Product shots of Fulton's new standing mat.
We’ve put in some hours on this thing. It refuses to budge.

The Benefits

Unfamiliar with the concept of anti-fatigue mats? You stand atop them to ease the stress of long hours on your feet. (Cooks, dishwashers and cashiers know this pain.) A study in Applied Bionics and Biomechanics, published a year ago, concluded that “the utilization of a standing mat alleviates perceived exertion of lower limbs during prolonged standing, optimizes plantar pressure distribution, and maintains body stability.”

Nice ones usually have some sort of no-slip assurance, beveled edges and a pleasing design. Fulton fits the bill on all the above. It’s an insoles company, first and foremost, which makes it uniquely qualified to offer your feet support, in our opinion. The brand’s granulated cork mat dropped only a month ago, and we’ve been using it for a variety of tasks ever since.

How We Use It

Mainly in the kitchen, as a triple-threat at the oven, the sink and the dishwasher. (It’s big enough to accommodate tasks at all three, believe it or not, measuring in at 30 x 22 inches.) That said, we consider this mat a perfect candidate for WFH scenarios, too, considering the surface is plush and grippy — perfect for fidgeting.

If you can’t leave your workstation to go for a walk, the next best thing is shifting back and forth. Over time, this increases circulation, comfort and even calorie burn. Assuming your living space isn’t too chilly, we’d also recommend removing your socks and spreading your toes into the foam (which is made of vegan cactus leather, by the way).

Other bonuses? It cleans easy, the shaved edges make it hard to trip over it and the green really pops in the kitchen. It isn’t the cheapest option out there, but your joints deserve the best. Shop it through the button below.

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