It's the Right Time to Order Under Armour's Breathable, "Sport" Face Mask

This is easily the best face mask for working out

It's the Right Time to Order Under Armour's Breathable, "Sport" Face Mask

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Not long into the national lockdown, a large number of menswear labels — from Buck Mason to Everlane — got into the face mask business, dropping protective coverings with more oomph and character than flimsy OTC options. Next up: activewear brands, which needed a couple more months to get their affairs in order, but for good reason. Last month, brands like Under Armour and Adidas dropped breathable, “sport” masks capable of limiting air droplet transmission when you’re working out.

Researchers have been all over the place on how safe it is to run without a mask right now, but the general consensus is that there’s a risk when you run (or bike) directly behind someone. Meanwhile, as gyms continue the reopening process, many are requiring guests to wear face masks while lifting weights. It can’t hurt to have a designated face mask for sweaty days, especially from a brand like Under Armour, which made its name on moisture-wicking material.

Below, find both the UA SPORTSMASK, and the Adidas Face Cover. Under Armour’s option is enormously popular and has already sold out, but the brand recently made it available for pre-order with a shipment date of on or before August 17th. Considering how long it could take for fitness centers to completely come back, that wait is well worth it. A ton of performance tech went into the mask; UA cycled through multiple prototypes before it settled on its hyper-breathable polyurethane open-cell foam. Future-you will appreciate the foresight.

Until that mask arrives on your doorstep, meanwhile, we’d recommend working out with a face covering from Adidas. It’s available in packs of three right now, and features a more flexible, exercise-ready material than standard, day-to-day masks on the market.

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