Seiko Dive Watches Are Up to $200 Off. Here Are Three to Buy.

Take double the discounts during Macy’s “Black Friday in July” sale

Seiko Dive Watch Sale at Macy's
These three Seiko dive watches were already on sale. Now, Macy's added an extra 15% off to make them undeniable.

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We’d like to say if you’re wearing a Seiko, you’re in good hands. (Hands. Get it? Watch humor!) But that’s not entirely true. As we’ve discussed before, Seiko works at the intersection of reliable and affordable, and sometimes that leads down the path of fugliness. Other times, it leads down the path of perfection.

During Macy’s “Black Friday in July” sale, where a ton of Seiko watches already on sale get an extra 15% off with code JULY, you can walk down either path. Thankfully, you have us as your guide, and we’ve selected the three best dive watches below with savings up $200 off. 

When we say “dive watches,” we’re not speaking in that faux-dive marketing speak. These timepieces are certified water resistant up to 660 feet, meaning they’ll certainly survive your aquatic adventures for the rest of summer and beyond (when was the last time you went deeper than the bottom of the rooftop pool, anyway?). And they’ll look dang good doing it, too.

Seiko Special Edition Prospex Solar Diver PADI Sale

Special Edition Prospex Solar Diver PADI

There’s something delightfully sportif about this particular Seiko, which is why you’ve probably seen it around. The timeless red, white and blue colorway paired with a funky ribbed silicone strap and legitimate diving chops make it a modern warm-weather classic. (If you like the style, but aren’t sold on solar, check out this automatic.)

Seiko Special Edition Prospex Automatic Diver Sale

Special Edition Prospex Automatic Diver

The Prospex above a little too modern for your tastes? This will still please streetwear aficionados and scuba divers alike, but skips the solar power for a more traditional automatic movement and adds a unique “blue whale” dial. 

Seiko Special Edition Prospex Automatic Diver PADI Sale

Special Edition Prospex Automatic Diver PADI 

Not into the silicone straps? Here you’ll get a sturdy stainless steel bracelet, rotating Pepsi bezel and handsome rounded 45mm case. Created in partnership with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

If you want to choose for yourself, check out the entire sale here. Just remember to use code JULY at checkout or choose the sale in the “Offers” column.

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