Deal: Pick Up This Classic Shinola Watch While It’s on Sale

The Runwell was their very first timepiece, and it still holds up

Shinola men's Runwell watch 47mm
The Runwell features a clean, symmetrical face with a few details that keep things interesting.

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If you haven’t given Shinola watches a look in a while, we say it’s time to revisit. They’ve been releasing some handsome timepieces, most notably in their Duck and Monster lines, that are nothing like we’ve seen from them before.

That’s not to besmirch the designs of their original watches. After all, the Shinola Runwell 47mm, the first timepiece the brand ever released, is still as good of a buy today as it was all those years ago. Actually, it’s an even better buy, as Nordstrom is currently offering one of these pieces at a nice discount, something we don’t see often from the brand. [Ed. note: After just a few hours, it seems Nordstrom has unfortunately discontinued this sale.]

A refresher on the details here: This Runwell features Shinola’s Argonite 1069 quartz movement, which is assembled in Detroit from imported parts; it’s a two-handed face with a seconds sub-dial, which adds some flair to an otherwise straightforward design; and the 47mm size is substantial on the wrist, but thanks to the simple leather strap and narrow lugs it doesn’t feel as imposing as others of that size.

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