A Pair of Iconic German Watches Are Coming Back Better Than Ever

Fear not, purists. The original designer is on the case.

April 26, 2017 9:00 am

Reviving classic pieces of culture is a tricky business (though that never deterred Hollywood). But when it comes to design — like, say, two wristwatches emblematic of German design — a slip-up can endanger a legacy.

That’s why in reissuing the AW 10 and AW 50 timepieces, Braun enlisted their original designer Dietrich Lubs.

Unveiled at Baselworld, the contemporary versions stay true to the 1989 AW 10 and 1991 AW 50.

As Lubs told Hodinkee, “A good watch design is strict, geometrical, and pure in its typography. Without any additional schnickschnack! … A watch should read the time, that’s it — not play with any other symbols.” And on that, these deliver.

Braun AW 10 and 50 (2 images)

The minimalist face, yellow second hand on the AW 10, red arrow by the date on the AW 50 and Swiss-made quartz movement all adhere to the original models. But when you see these beauts in person, the most striking element will be the size: a mere 33.35mm diameter.

“Today this sounds small, but this was another time — and to me that is still the perfect size for a watch,” Lubs said to Hodinkee. “Watches today I find too bulky and confused in typography and impression. Today’s huge watches around 45mm or even 50mm, plus a big crown jutting out on top of that … I just don’t get it. To me that is not a good solution.”

Braun will release both watches, with black leather straps, in August for $290 a piece. If you’re looking for a timeless piece of German design for a reasonable price, either of these are a damn good solution.

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