Turn Off Your Brain and Enjoy Two Minutes of Scarlett Johansson

Involves gunfire, very little clothing

By Kirk Miller

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14 November 2016

Some mornings, you’re presented with Scarlett Johansson taking part in Matrix-style slo-mo fight scenes in skintight outfits over a remake of “Enjoy the Silence” and you think, “Hey, I’m just not going to complain about anything for two minutes.”

Above: the first full-length Ghost in the Shell trailer. Based off of the popular Japanese manga series, Johansson stars as a cyborg law enforcer who realizes not everything is what it appears, because movies.

GITS opens in early 2017.

Warning: while you’re enjoying this, some part of your brain may be like, “Hey, doesn't this kind of just feel like Lucy meets Blade Runner? Or Ex Machina filtered through a William Gibson novel? Also, why is the main character of a Japanese-set movie so white?” Don't worry about that. It's normal.

All complaints have been made. As they say in the trailer, “Everything they told you was a lie.”

But enjoy it first. Then grumble.

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