You Can Stay in Verona’s Famous Romeo and Juliet House This Valentine’s Day

One lucky couple will become the first outside guests of the estate since 1930

casa di giulietta
It's called winning Valentine's Day.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a competition, but there will be a clear winner this year: whichever couple ends up spending the night in the historic Italian building that has become a symbol of literature’s most iconic love story.

While Shakespeare never pinpointed an exact location as the inspiration for his famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet, Casa di Giulietta in Verona has become the de-facto destination for literature fans and romantics looking to visit a physical embodiment of the famed tale of star-crossed love. The historic building currently functions as a museum as well as the final destination for thousands of letters send to Juliet every year.

Now Airbnb is offering one couple the chance to spend Valentine’s Day overnight in the medieval bedroom, where they will be the first to stay since 1930, CNN reported. The winning couple will sleep (etc.) on the Letto di Giulietta, the original bed featured in the 1968 film adaptation of the play, and they will also receive a Romeo and Juliet inspired tour of Verona, a private tour of Casa di Giulietta, as well as a candlelit meal prepared by Michelin chef Giancarlo Perbellini.

“This stay will give one couple the unique chance to celebrate their love in what is possibly the most romantic home in the history of literature,” said Giacomo Trovato, Airbnb’s general manager for Italy.

Interested couples can apply to be a modern-day Romeo and Juliet this Valentine’s Day by writing a letter weaving the tale of their own love story and explaining why they would be the ideal guests for the historic overnight in literature’s most romantic bedroom. Submissions are due to Airbnb February 2, so you may want to have some backup plans scheduled in the (highly likely) event Airbnb deems your love unworthy of Shakespearean accommodations.

And if you do win, here’s hoping things work out better for you than they did for the Montagues and Capulets.

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