U.S. Airlines Are Bracing Themselves for Record-Setting Thanksgiving Travel

Airport nightmares ahead

Airports may see their busiest Thanksgiving travel day ever this weekend.

It’s no secret that some of the worst travel days of the year are coming up this week, and this year, they may also be some of the worst of all time. Happy Thanksgiving!

U.S. airlines are expecting an estimated 31.6 million passengers over the Thanksgiving Holiday, according to CNN. Those record-setting numbers, as calculated by Airlines For America, represent a 3.7 percent increase from last year.

Sunday, December 1st is expected to be the busiest air-travel day of all time, with an estimated 3.1 million passengers expected. If you’re going to be one of them, we recommend you do yourself and your fellow travelers a favor and familiarize yourself with this quick guide to navigating holiday air-travel without being the worst.

As far as getting to where you’re going in the first place, Wednesday is your worst bet, when you’ll be sharing the sky with an estimated 2.98 million people. If you can finagle it, Thanksgiving itself is the best time to fly, with just 1.79 million people expected to fly on the actual holiday.

But while the airports may be a record-setting nightmare, the roads will actually be worse. According to AAA, 49.3 million travelers will be hitting the road this year — the most since 2005. Wednesday afternoon is expected to be the worst time to drive. And while airports brace themselves for long security lines and weather-induced travel delays, AAA is preparing to assist an estimated 368,000 motorists with dead batteries, lockouts and flat tires.

Here’s hoping you aren’t one of them.

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